Valiant-Petroleum Plc


Valiant  petroleum management needs workers both male and female whom are to be employed to work in our company in United Kingdom( Great Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland), so select your area of specialization from the below professional and non- professional vacancies. All Salaries, Allowances, Benefits and Compensations are attractive.


Job ID          Position

U17192.     Reliability Engineer  
U17189.     Maintenance Planner - piping 
U17181.     Maintenance Planner E&I    
U17180.     Maintenance Planner - mechanical    
U17134.     Oil Sands Operations Competency Assurance - Business Lead    
U17135.     LEMS Analyst  
U16927.     Senior Print Services Specialist  
U17001.     Manager, Business, Economic & Scheduling
U16986.     Occupational Health Nurse
U16985.     GAME ESP Focal Point
U16983.     Scheduler
U17012.     Turnaround Planner    
U16921.     Turnaround Technical/Administration Assistant
U16922.     Administrator, Projects & Pilot Plants  
U16733.     Senior Planner-Hydraulic Shovels & Excavators  
U16711.     Mechanical Team Lead - Trucks
U16712.     Proactive Planner    
U16640.     Mechanical Maintenance Coordinator, Plant    
U16592.     Turn-around Technical Coordinator    
U16485.     Senior Print Services Specialist  
U16586.     Operations Coordinator - Utilities  

    Project Engineer

U16409.     Projects Technical document Control Administrator
U16408.     Corporate Records Administrator    
U16396.     Planning Analyst  
U16354.     E & I Coordinator - Jackpine Mine  
U16247.     Planning Analyst  
U15843.     Maintenance Team Lead - Major Maintenance  
U15129.     Turnaround Operations Coordinator  
U14960.     Team Leader Electrical - Mine/Shovel    
U14959.     Team Lead Extraction    
U14849.     Maintenance Planner - Jackpine Mine  
U14328.     Turnaround Planner    
U14320.     Team Leader - Mine Maintenance - MRM    
U14308.     Project Engineer - Electrical  
U14307.     Project Controls Accountant    
U14305.     Project Controls Analyst  
U14303.     Mine Equipment Inspector  
U14296.     Electrical Heat Trace (EHT) Maintenance Specialist    
U17131.     Millwright    
U16717.     Control Room Operator - Utilities 
U16400.     Pipe fitter
U16412      Pipe Inspector    
U16395.     Maintenance Planner  
U16189.     Emergency Response Specialist    
U15818.     Boiler Area Operator  
U15651.     Plant Trainer    
U15261.     Senior Planner Light Vehicle & Auxiliary Equipment - MRM  
U15212.     Froth Field Operator
U14437.     Instrumentation Technician  
U14280.     E& I Specialist Team Leader  
U14278.     Drafting Lead


Job ID          Position

U17822       Drivers
U17846       Gardeners
U17824       Office Assistant/Clerk
U18927       Security Guards      
U17669       Launderer
U17654       Special Assigned Drivers
U17869       Laundry Supervisor
U17890       Office Cleaners
U17900       Cook/Chef

Valiant  petroleum Management will pay for your flight ticket and provide an accommodation for you. You shall be given UK work and residential permit through United Kingdom immigration home office, So if you are interested to work with us, kindly write back to us and send below requirement needed for work application as soon as possible to human resources department e-mail contact below only.

1)Your CV/resume.
2)One size passport photograph recently taken attach with the CV/Resume
3)Your Scanned Valid international Traveling passport.

Your Job approval will be determined by verification and confirmation of your CV/Resume. The earlier the better the better.


Human Resources Department