Valiant-Petroleum Plc

Company Business

 Valiant Petroleum plc is an independent oil & gas company formed in 2004 with a strategy of building a diverse portfolio of development, appraisal and exploration assets in the UK North Sea, with a primary focus on the under-exploited Northern North Sea.

Valiant’s focus to date has been to build a core position in the Northern North Sea – an area which its Directors believe has previously been under-exploited compared with other areas of the North Sea, largely due to a majority of the acreage having been historically controlled by a few major oil companies focused on the largest oil fields in the North Sea (e.g. Statfjord, Brent, Magnus).

Valiant believes that the Northern North Sea still contains significant remaining hydrocarbon resources no longer considered material to the oil majors which can be quickly and profitably developed utilising extensive existing infrastructure.

In addition to its core northern North Sea position, Valiant has begun to extend its footprint into other areas of the UK North Sea through the UK 25th Offshore Licensing Round in which Valiant was awarded licenses in the West of Shetlands and the central North Sea. For more information on Valiant’s assets, please visit our asset section.

Valiant intends to remain highly focused on the sub-surface and the Directors believe that a concentration of skills and the latest technologies should significantly improve the chance of drilling success. In addition to the considerable potential for organic growth in its current portfolio, Valiant will also look at opportunities to augment its growth strategy through acquisition and consolidation.

On 13 March 2008 Valiant successfully listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol VPP. Prior to this point, the Company had raised approximately £63 million in equity capital as a private entity and entered into debt facilities totalling US$245 million.

Valiant currently has 20 full-time employees of which 10 are technically focused. Valiant is continually looking to add additional human resources where appropriate. Please visit our section careers for more information.